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Enabling you to stay in your home comfortably and safely, that's what our stairlift solutions are all about. Handicare offers the world's widest range of stairlifts to help you choose the solution that is right for you.

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Our safe yet simple transfer solutions

Our philosophy is focused on prevention of occupational injuries for carers while allowing users to experience a greater sense of independence and dignity during transfers.

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Personal matters

Wall mounted products and a wide selection of shower stools and chairs provide for safe and comfortable independence in in bathrooms, showers and toilet areas.

Bathroom safety solutions

EvaDrive – a new innovative mobile lift

EvaDrive – a new innovative mobile lift which reduces the risks for carers and eliminates load injuries. 

EvaDrive is a new motorised lift which drastically reduces the force required for transfer and lifting of patients. Operating EvaDrive requires minimal strength and effort even in the narrowest of spaces. The intuitive control handle makes steering as simple as manoeuvring a shopping trolley!

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    Welcome to Handicare

    At Handicare, we are committed to providing safe and reliable equipment for people with reduced mobility, and those who care for them, to help make their every day life easier. 

    Please explore our website to discover how Handicare products can help increase independence and maintian dignity whilst improving quality and ease of care for healthcare professionals, carers and family members.


    WendyLett turning and repositioning system

    Turning and repositioning clients is done with minimal effort using Handicare WendyLett system.

    Handicare Ethos Education

    CPD Accredited training offering moving and handling techniques and unique ways to solve your everyday handling issues.

    EvaDrive a new motorised mobile lift

    A new innovative motorised mobile lift which drastically reduces the force required for transfer and lifting of patients.

    Making everyday life easier

    The MiniLift sit-to-stand enables and improves daily living for David
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    Popular questions about stairlifts

    Thinking about having a stairlift? You will find the answer to the most popular questions in our FAQ section.

    Preventing pressure sores

    Every pressure sore we can avoid makes life easier for bedridden users.