Back injury challenges for OTs

Working in Social care has its own set of back care challenges.Care worker visiting

With the increased growth in the population, the fact people are living longer and those with disabilities are more likely to survive to an older age are all contributory factors to a growing social care requirement.

Carers and OTs are at constant risk of back injuries due to 

Manual handling in awkward places –small rooms where supporting the lifting of residents may be difficult
•Heavy manual labour and handling tasks
•Stretching, twisting and reaching at any stage within the work environment
•Repetitive tasks such as supporting the movement of elderly residents with limited mobility
•Pushing, pulling loads that require excessive force when making beds and moving patients
•Stooping, bending over or crouching (poor posture) when working in an environment where there is limited space such as a bathroom when using a bath

Education and correct equipment choice are the best solution for reducing the risk of back injuries further

As budgets are getting tighter the strain on carers and OTs will increase, so getting the correct equipment and support through training is the key to reducing the risk of back injuries to OT’s and carers.

Speedy equipment provision is available from Handicare through rental or purchase and expertise on suitable equipment is provided along with training on techniques and use of equipment, Handicare strive to make everyday life easier especially in Social Care.

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