Back injuries in the NHS

NHS staff who injure their backs at work cost the service over £400M a year - enough to employ 16,000 nurses over the same period.This is a significant amount, but the cost to the individual is not just financial and can affect all aspects of their life.Prevent back injuries for NHS staff

2,893,267 sick days attributed to Back and Musculoskeletal injuries in 2016

Back and musculoskeletal injury among healthcare workers has always been a concern and we know that the majority of back injuries are due in large part to repeated manual patient handling activities, often involving heavy manual lifting associated with transferring and repositioning patients, and working in extremely awkward postures. As a result, tasks such as these have one of the highest incident rates for musculoskeletal injuries of any profession. The problem of lifting patients is further compounded by the increasing weight of patients to be lifted due to rising average body weight, and the aging population of nurses and patient carers.

Training staff on the use of equipment, educating them on the latest manual handling techniques and developments and providing innovative and useful equipment to reduce the risk of injury and improve confidence for staff. 

Our Ethos education programme is designed to help you develop key knowledge and skills, and improve quality and safety of care.

Ensuring staff are competent in using equipment correctly and are confident in the skills required for each moving and handling technique will help safeguard them in all manual handling situations.

Equipment such as the EvaDrive which reduces all of the push pull forces associated with lifting a patient, a motorised hoist you can effortlessly transfer even a very heavy patient effortlessly or more simple equipment, also used in the community, to provide sit to stand without any heavy lifting, transfers from bed to chair or wheelchair and repositioning patient in chair.



Speedy equipment provision is available from Handicare through purchase or rental and expertise on suitable equipment is provided along with training on techniques and use of equipment, Handicare strive to make everyday life easier for the NHS.

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