our philosophy

As a global supplier of equipment that is designed to make everyday life easier for the elderly, disabled or those providing care and support, Handicare are acutely aware that, for equipment to be used to its full potential, those using it must have an understanding of everything a piece of equipment can do and how it should be used.

Handicare’s CPD accredited Ethos Education Programme underpins this belief by providing practical tips and techniques supported by theory-based learning for a wide range of people including those responsible for specifying or using Handicare equipment. The modules are designed to help you develop key knowledge and skills whilst simultaneously enabling the enhancement of quality and safety of care.

Through an Ethos Education workshop you will be able to gain a greater understanding of core principles and application of assistive technology, allowing you to use equipment to its full potential and prescribe the best solution, within either a single or multi carer environments. The workshops provide you with an opportunity to consider your individual circumstances and how you could utilise this knowledge to reduce your risk of injury whilst improving the transfer/ re-positioning experience for those within your care.

Your Ethos Education Trainers

All Ethos Education courses are delivered by professionals who have extensive practical experience and theoretical knowledge of the topics that they cover. Depending on the content covered tutors are either specialist members of the Handicare team or independent industry experts.