Introducing Ethos Wellbeing

Structured Movement Therapy for COVID-19 survivors

The Ethos Education Programme has been designed to improve clinical outcomes and early mobilisation through 6 CPD training modules and Skills Workshops. Developed in partnership with Personally ProActive during lockdown, we are delighted to introduce you to Ethos Wellbeing – a Structured Movement Therapy (SMT) Programme for COVID-19 survivors.

Rehabilitation at all stages (in both hospitals and the community) is critical to maintain the flow of patients and free up bed capacity to treat more critically ill patients. Upto 25% of hospitalised COVID-19 patients will need to be in intensive care, often for prolonged periods, and 67% of them will have acute respiratory distress syndrome. Rehabilitation through the Ethos Wellbeing Programme enables people to clear their airways, manage their breathing and promote a general sense of wellbeing.

Developed for those recovering from COVID-19, the 3-stage SMT programme may also be suitable for people deconditioning from self-isolating (e.g. reduced muscle strength – power, balance and stamina), those experiencing poor mental health due to self-isolating and people with a range of conditions whose rehabilitation programme may have been interrupted due to the pandemic.

The faces behind Personally ProActive are two experienced professionals in their field of exercise rehabilitation – Amanda Burroughs and Sally Parsons.

Amanda Burroughs

Amanda Burroughs specialises in Cardiac and Stroke rehab, exercise for people with Parkinsons and those effected by Cancer and is qualified with BACPR to level 4 in these areas. She has been working in rehabilitation within the leisure industry for the past 20 years, is a PSI in falls prevention and locally runs a very successful GP referral scheme. Over the past 5 years, she has worked with Stroke survivors within the community and currently lectures at UWE teaching the Year 3 Special Populations module for Sports Rehabilitation students.

Sally Parsons

Sally Parsons, referral instructor, Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation, Community Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Level 4. Registered with the BACPR, REPS and Wright Foundation register.

Sally, a former nurse, now works in the fitness industry. She has over 15 years experience working in the field of cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation within the community.

“Improving clinical outcomes through early rehabilitation, mobility and recovery.”                              Direct Healthcare Group

10 Minute Programme

Aims: Mobilise, increase lung capacity, improve functional strength, increase confidence

What’s included: Simple seated excercises, breathing, mobilisation and an introduction to strength

20 Minute Programme

Aim: Increase endurance through building cardiac and pulmonary capacity, improve balance

What’s included: Introduction to cardiac capacity either seated or standing, includes elements of strength and balance whilst increasing endurance

30 Minute Programme

Aim: Increase stamina, muscle strength and functional capacity in all areas

What’s included: Cardio, muscle strengthening, balance, flexibility and stretch