Covid-19 rehab programme

Developed for those recovering from COVID-19, the 3-stage SMT programme may also be suitable for people deconditioning from self-isolating (e.g. reduced muscle strength – power, balance and stamina), those experiencing poor mental health due to self-isolating and people with a range of conditions whose rehabilitation programme may have been interrupted due to the pandemic.

10 Minute Programme

Aims: Mobilise, increase lung capacity, improve functional strength, increase confidence

What’s included: Simple seated excercises, breathing, mobilisation and an introduction to strength

20 Minute Programme

Aim: Increase endurance through building cardiac and pulmonary capacity, improve balance

What’s included: Introduction to cardiac capacity either seated or standing, includes elements of strength and balance whilst increasing endurance

30 Minute Programme

Aim: Increase stamina, muscle strength and functional capacity in all areas

What’s included: Cardio, muscle strengthening, balance, flexibility and stretch

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