Company Notice: COVID-19 statement

Handicare UK Moving and Handling are closely following the developments of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and are taking pro-active measures to secure its operations and protect the health and well-being of its employees, customers, suppliers and partners by following government/ NHS guidelines.

Amid fears that COVID-19 could result in 10% of Brits being hospitalised, Handicare Moving and Handling are aiming to proactively continue to support healthcare professionals, enable individuals and help to ensure that there are minimal disruptions to the discharge pathways to prevent bed blocking in hospitals. We aim to assist people and their families who may be isolated at home due to the Coronavirus, and potentially with the correct equipment, avoid the need for a hospital stay due to a slip, trip or fall. Should you choose that a joint assessment with your local Business Development Manager is not an option due to social distancing, the Business Development Team are able to perform some assessments via phone call or Skype. In addition, equipment is disinfected in between assessments and the Business Development Team are being issued with clinical disposable gloves to reduce the risk of contamination. To contact your local Business Development Manager, click here.

Whilst we recognise that the Coronavirus is an international medical emergency, we do not anticipate any immediate risk to the business in terms of our supply chain and are currently holding increased stock levels in the UK. Therefore, Handicare UK Moving and Handling currently report no disruption in the delivery capability of its product portfolio. Subsequently, if there are any changes to the current supply and delivery of Handicare Moving and Handling equipment, Handicare will promptly provide updated information to their customers.

Click here to read Handicare’s CEO’s safeguarding statement in response to COVID-19.