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Naidex, arguably the biggest and most important exhibition for the UK healthcare industry, offers an ideal opportunity for all healthcare professionals, retailers and, most important, the people who need our products, to come and meet us. We all had a lot of fun again this year!

Naidex 2014, taking place 27 April - 1 May at the NEC in Birmingham, was again well attended and, we are told, enjoyed by thousands. Handicare presented a comprehensive range of wheelchairs, special control systems, mobility scooters, stairlifts, hoists and bath lifts, all supported by our team of knowledgeable product experts. Our Ethos educational theatre again proved a focal point at the exhibition. It was exciting that so many people came to see our products and crucially discover how these can help improve their lives. 

Our Mobility section was particularly busy as we had a selection of Puma 20 & 40 powered wheelchairs displayed in a variety of configurations. In particular, we were able to show a Puma 40 complete with the multitude of special adaptations including our latest “Special Control” Systems. These amazing systems can enable the wheelchair user to control home computers, tablets, mobile phones, doors lights and even coffee makers with the minimum of effort.

The future on display
We are not allowed to mention too much detail here but we used the opportunity to “show off” a very exciting new product which will not be launched in the UK until September. We know that the selected customers who saw it were very impressed so, in the immortal words of the Marketing Department – WATCH THIS SPACE.

A complete range of lightweight design rollators
Much interest was shown in our Gemino range of rollators and an exhibition of this stature allowed us to display a complete selection of sizes, colours and accessories available. Once we had the whole range of options and accessories on display at the show, even we were surprised at the size of the range. 

Handicare at Naidex 2014

Do`s, Dont`s & Doughnuts!
This year, by popular request, we ran our Ethos educational theatre which is an experience open to all comers. We ran a continuous series of interesting and informative seminars which offered solutions to a variety of important and topical issues including “Single Carer Management”, “Client and Risk Assessment” and “ Moving and Supporting Clients with Dementia”. We have found that these sessions are always very well attended especially as we offer the extra incentive of a choice of free drinks and doughnuts obviously chosen to aid concentration.

Handi floss
It is impossible to write an article about Naidex without mentioning Handi floss. It is amazing just how popular this has become during the past few years at Naidex.  As our picture shows, our floss has nothing to do with dental health!

And finally….we had a lot of fun!
It is worth adding that events of this nature are tiring and exciting in equal measure. A regular star of our stand is the indomitable David Copeland. He was, as ever, in fine form distributing smiles, helpful information and doughnuts to anyone he encountered.

It is crucial to our company ethos that we strive to be as knowledgeable, skillful and approachable as possible. David demonstrates these qualities to great effect and his enthusiasm always helps us all enjoy the event.

We had fun. Let`s hope we see YOU next year!

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