Now we use QR-codes on our products!


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What is a QR-code and how does it work?

QR-code - short for Quick Response Code - is a more powerful bar code than the traditional barcode. It can be read by smartphones and ipads equipped with a scanner application. It´s used mainly to display website addresses (URLs), but can also contain a phone number, an SMS message, V-Card data or just plain text.

In this case we have used the QR-codes directly on the products so the users are able to quickly get information about the product. If you scan the code, the link will take you to a web page where you will be able to, for example read and download the user manual, other documentation and/or watch instructional movies.

The first products to be carrying the code is:


Since May 2013, RiseBasic ceiling lift units are supplied fitted with a QR-code. The other of the above products will be available with a QR-code, within 3 – 12 months depending on different inventory turnover ratios for different products.


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