Whilst many of us are aware that those who are regularly moving and handling the person they care for are at an increased risk of causing injury to themselves and the person they are caring for, statistics from the HSE Report (Oct 2018) suggests that there’s still room for improvement…

The HSE reports that 195,000 professionals within the health and social sector will suffer from work-related ill health. That’s the equivalent to 4.5% of the health and social workforce - nurses and care workers, home carers and nursing auxiliaries, assistants – that report a statistically significantly higher rate of musculoskeletal disorders than across all other occupations. What’s more, a third of those with work-related ill health suffer from a musculoskeletal disorder, that’s approximately 58,000 bad backs that could potentially be avoided by implementing different moving and handling techniques; it is often the smaller things that we can do or the subtle changes we make that can reduce the amount of effort required to complete the task whilst simultaneously reducing the risk of injury – to the individual, or the carer.

Lifting and transferring the person you care for to enable them to dress or move around can place a strain on your back, therefore knowing how to protect your back to help keep it in shape is incredibly important. The global provision of safe and reliable transfer, lifting and repositioning aides coupled with a commitment to make life more comfortable for people with reduced mobility and those who care for them ensure Handicare are able to offer the correct equipment to reduce the risk of injury, keeping your back in good shape. Mark Ripley – Handicare MHBS National Patient Handling Advisor - commented that “When using Handicare equipment, transferring clients has never been safer, even when short staffed or during busy times.”

Ensuring professionals are competent using the equipment correctly and are confident of the moving and handling skills and techniques required will also help safeguard and prevent injury during manual handling situations. Many of the Handicare team have years of experience from within the healthcare industry either, for example, as a Nurse or a Physiotherapist - offering the insight, understanding and empathy required to support and guide other health and social care professionals. As a result of an expert team, Handicare are able to offer the Ethos Education Programme completely free of charge to healthcare professionals; providing the opportunity to learn how to minimise the risk of injury to both the carer and the individual and practice applying small, subtle changes to techniques during moving and handling transfers.

Ethos workshops provide tips and techniques across a variety of CPD accredited moving and handling workshop titles including – In bed management, Sit-to-stand, Handling heavier clients, Hoist selection and sling application and Single carer management/ Care reduction package. With a wealth of knowledge, the Ethos team are also able to develop bespoke educational packages, offering you training that fits around your requirements. To request a brochure or for more information, please email ethos@handicare.com

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