Just another hoist right?


Since the launch of the EvaDrive motorised mobile hoist we like to take stock of the things we hear from our customers, and the things we hear are good.

The favourite so far is the amount of times the word WOW is used.

The next favourite is 'it's just another hoist isn't it?' and we always reply give us 2 minutes and we will show you its not, its motorised, you steer it you don't push or pull it, it goes over thresholds, it manoeuvres easily over carpets, it goes where ceiling track hoists can’t be fitted, there is no force required to move it for the carer, so its more than just a hoist, its a time saving, money saving, flexible mobile hoist designed to reduce all the push pull forces associated with standard non motorised hoists, taking the strain for the carer and simplifying each lift and transfer.

EvaDrive is taking us into the next generation of lifting equipment……book a test drive now and see for yourself.

EvaDrive.....hoisting made easy.


For further information please contact:

T 01384 40 57 92

E mhbsenquiries@handicare.co.uk