About SystemRoMedic™


The challenge
Every day, care staff find themselves in situations where they are pressed for time, short of personnel and lacking knowledge and the availability of simple and functional aids. Inadequate budgets in combination with the ambition and desire to provide a high standard of care contribute to the occurrence of various load injuries. The result is increased staff absenteeism and escalating costs. Putting an end to this negative spiral can be difficult.

The solution is simple, naturally
The transfer-assistive devices in the SystemRoMedic™ range are based on simplicity, logical thinking, ergonomic principles and design with the user and caregiver in focus. Simplicity is the key. Attention to the basic principles results in user-friendly solutions. And, in fact, it is the simple, most time-saving devices that actually get used. SystemRoMedic™ works with the laws of nature – not against them. Friction, for example, is a factor that must be considered. With smart solutions and combinations of special, functional materials, we can both reduce the friction under the user to facilitate transfer or repositioning, and increase the friction to minimize the risk of the user sliding out of bed.

Activating the user
The more strength and functional capacity the user has, the more he is able to participate in his own transfer or repositioning. And the more active the user is, the easier the transfer will be for the caregiver. The SystemRoMedic™ transfer-assistive devices help the caregiver to activate the user while stimulating a natural movement pattern. In addition to strengthening the user’s muscles, this also contributes to the user’s sense of independence. In this way, we can improve the quality of life for the user while at the same time making the caregiver’s job easier and safer.

We love easy transfers!
The number of people requiring transfer assistance is steadily increasing. And load injuries and accidents cause huge occupational health and safety problems that account for enormous costs in the care sector.

SystemRoMedic™ offers simple solutions for great results. It’s a matter of simplifying life and work and of preventing load injuries and accidents that occur in connection with patient transfers. It also has to do with activating and rehabilitating people, facilitating transfers, even for pain-sensitive users, and preventing pressure sores. And, not least, it is a matter of improving the user’s sense of independence, dignity and self-esteem.

With SystemRoMedic™, care providers can take a step in the right direction. Our products are simple, safe and renowned for their cost-effectiveness. Our training programmes in transfer technique and product use give care personnel the means to choose the right working method and assistive device for every transfer situation.

We have seen what our devices can do for people, and this inspires us to continue developing new products. We love easy transfers!