Check - four units for different focus areas

“Check” consists of four units for different focus areas. Depending on the prevailing conditions and requirements, the different units can be used either stand-alone or in combination:


“Check” the Workplace
“Check” the Workplace is a tool for mapping, evaluation and creation of an overview of the situation at the workplace. The purpose of “Check” the Workplace is to improve the work environment with regards to patient transfers. This unit includes a summary where the results from the other units can be entered to create an overview of the entire workplace.


“Check” the Caregiver
“Check” the Caregiver is a tool for mapping and evaluation focusing on individual caregivers and their own appreciation of the workload in connection with patient transfers.


“Check” the Client
“Check” the client is a tool for mapping and evaluation of transfers for a specific, individual client.


“Check” instruction for a Client
A tool for creating and documenting an instruction on how transfers for a specific client should be performed. The document is approved and signed by the responsible occupational therapist/physiotherapist.

With ’Check’, meeting legal requirements on performance and documentation of risk assessments and action plans is simplified.

Self-help approach for healthcare professionals

  • Achieve optimum standards of ergonomics and patient care
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Highlight training needs
  • Inventory of assistive devices
  • Balanced and informed risk assessment
  • Action plan for improvements

We can help you improve the work environment!

For more information; please contact your local Handicare representative. We can also provide support in performing a “Check” survey for your workplace, assistance in analyzing the results, and preparing an equipment proposal tailored for your workplace.