Check – Workplace Survey Pack

“Check” is Handicare’s tool for systematic work environment management through mapping, evaluation and quality assurance of working methods, training and assistive devices for patient transfers. It is also a part of Handicare’s unique easy transfer concept.

Map and evaluate your transfers and identify the risk situations
 is a tool designed to facilitate a thorough review and evaluation of the operations with regards to patient transfers. The purpose of this is to quality assure working methods as well as the availability of relevant training and transfer assistive
devices in order to improve the work environment, to promote good ergonomics and to ensure a high quality of care. It is also an opportunity for the working unit to reduce costs for load injuries and pressure sores.

“Check” provides information on how patient transfers are performed today, which assistive devices are used, what knowledge the caregivers possess in this respect and how difficult the transfers are perceived by the caregivers. Based on the results of your own mapping and evaluation, you will be able to identify and assess the risk situations occurring in your workplace but also to establish an action plan with
appropriate improvement measures.

The responsibility of management
In certain countries, legislation exists in which the responsibility of management in this area is clearly expressed. But cooperation between employer and employee is a must for a functioning work environment management. “Check” is a support for systematic work environment management. With “Check”, meeting legal requirements on performance and documentation of risk assessments and action plans is much facilitated.

”Check” - four units for different focus areas
“Check” consists of four units for different focus areas. Depending on the prevailing conditions and requirements, the different units can be used either stand-alone or in combination. Hereunder you can find more information about the different units, how to use them and what benefits can be accomplished with “Check”!

We can help you improve the work environment!
For more information; please contact your local Handicare representative. We can also provide support in performing a “Check” survey for your workplace, assistance in analyzing the results, and preparing an equipment proposal tailored for your workplace.