For short-term use

Handicare's range offers an increasing selection of personal transfer aids for short-term use. Most of these are made from a sturdy and durable non-woven (polypropylene) material, but we are also using a soft and breathable but still durable cotton/polyester blend. One of our most recent transfer aids in this category, the disposable EasySlide sliding mat, is made from a thin, pliable and environmentally friendly polyethylene (PE) plastic. This is a strong and durable material which, when incinerated, gives off only carbon dioxide and water. Used sliding mats can also be recycled as soft plastic.

Common features and benefits:

  • Intended for a single user and for short-term use
  • Instead of laundering, the product is discarded after use, when it becomes soiled or when the user no longer needs it
  • Prevents the spread of multi-resistant and other types of infectious bacteria

At the moment, the Handicare disposable range includes the following items, and others are on their way!


Disposable cover, EasySlide

Accessory for EasySlide. Disposable plastic covers for EasySlide provide for improved hygiene and less laundry.


An excellent complement to ReTurn. For users with weak legs and requiring extra support.


For extremely large and heavy users - over 200 kg/440 lbs.


For sit-to-stand and standing training in combination with MiniLift200, MiniLift160 and MiniLift125.