How it all started...

Sweden has always been a leader in health care. The Swedish welfare model is based on key-words like security and safety and the belief that each life must be equally valued by all. The Swedish welfare model and its core beliefs created a unique incentive to strive for the development of technical medical solutions. The Swedish heritage is important for Handicare and therefore we safeguard and care for the Swedish tradition.

During the 1980’s, load injuries increased dramatically within the care sector. At the same time Ross Medical Equipment, RoMedic, was founded and the very first of RoMedic’s many simple and functional transfer aids was launched: the EasySlide sliding mat, for prone transfers. We had no idea how well this aid was to be received, but the positive reception gave us encouragement to continue with the development of new transfer aids. EasySlide represented an entirely new approach and a new way of thinking within health care, and when facilitating a lying transfer, and it also became the starting point of SystemRoMedic™:

A complete range of easy-to-use, effective and safe assistive devices for various kinds of transfers for use in hospitals, emergency services, nursing and home care.


30 years in the service of simplicity
In 2014, Handicare in Sweden celebrated its 30th year as a company. For more than a quarter of a century we have been dedicated to developing clever and easy-to-use assistive devices for safe and easy transfers and to making everyday life and work easier for both users and personnel in the care sector. And today, with SystemRoMedic™, we offer the market’s broadest and most complete range of easy-to-use, effective and safe assistive devices for all types of patient transfers.


Ross Medical Equipment is founded by Björn Ross. EasySlide, the company’s first transfer aid and the starting point of SystemRoMedic™, is launched.



Development of a complete range of manual transfer aids for easy transfers.



RoMedic is acquired by Hardy Brännström.


Lifts and lifting slings are introduced into the SystemRoMedic™ concept which now encompasses four product areas; Transfer, Positioning, Support and Lifting.


RoMedic is acquired by the Handicare Group.


RoMedic changes company name to Handicare.