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Now we use QR-codes on our products!

QR-code - short for Quick Response Code - is a more powerful bar code than the traditional barcode. It can be read by smartphones and ipads equipped with a scanner application.

In this case we have used the QR-codes directly on the products so the users are able to quickly get information about the product. If you scan the code, the link will take you to a web page where you will be able to, for example read and download the user manual, other documentation and/or watch instructional movies.


RiseAtlas – new models and special versions provide unlimited lifting solutions

RiseAtlas ceiling lift units are available in four new models and three special versions with different lifting capacity and with or without built-in transfer motor and other features and functionalities.

RiseAtlas450, SWL 205 kg/450 lbs

• RiseAtlas450M, with QuickTrolleySystem
• RiseAtlas450M, with QuickTrolleySystem, high humidity
• RiseAtlas450T
• RiseAtlas450T, with SmartPark-function

RiseAtlas625, SWL 285 kg/625 lbs

• RiseAtlas625M, with QuickTrolleySystem
• RiseAtlas625T
• RiseAtlas625T, with SmartPark-function

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ReTurn7600 - for larger and heavier users weighing up to 205 kg/450 lbs

ReTurn7600 has been developed for users weighing max. 205 kg/450 lbs. This model therefore features a wider base plate, providing more space for larger and heavier users.

For more information, please visit the product page >>

ReTurnBelt – now available also in XXL and XXXL
Our patented ReTurnBelt is an excellent complement to ReTurn7600 when there is a need for greater support and stability; for example, when the user's weight-bearing ability is questionable or varies.

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