Cover sets

Spare parts for covering of fixing points

Handicare products are always supplied with the corresponding cover sets. The cover sets are also available as spare parts.

Cover set LI2826.0036-xx

  • Spare part for Hinged arm support LI2603.3xxx-xx

1 cover set for 1 arm support.


Cover set LI2801.0000-xx

  • Spare part for Ergonomic shower seat without backrest LI2201.2006-xx


Cover set LI2803.0000-xx

  • Spare part for Ergonomic shower seat with backrest/armrests LI2202.2006-xx and LI2203.2006-xx


Order information

Cover sets of Handicare  are made from plastic (glass fibre reinforced nylon) and are available in several colours to match the arm supports and shower seats. For complete article numbers, please consult the Order information document which is available as a pdf in the “Documentation” section hereunder.

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Model specification
Material(s)Plastic (glass fibre reinforced nylon)Plastic (glass fibre reinforced nylon)Plastic (glass fibre reinforced nylon)
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