EvaDrive – a new innovative mobile lift which reduces the risks for carers and eliminates load injuries

EvaDrive is a new motorised lift which drastically reduces the force required for transfer and lifting of patients. Operating EvaDrive requires minimal strength and effort even in the narrowest of spaces.

EvaDrive is operated intuitively with very little force. The control handle responds to gentle fingertip movements and is sufficiently precise to easily manoeuvre EvaDrive in very narrow spaces, for instance when repositioning patients in small hospital rooms. A gentle touch of the control handle and EvaDrive turns, reverses and moves forward with minimal effort. EvaDrive understands where you want to go – and takes you there. A single carer can easily operate the lift even with plus-size patients.

Why EvaDrive was created

The costs associated with manual-handling incidents, especially back injuries, within the health care sector, are increasing with the number of patients who require transfer assistance. Additional causes for the high number of load injuries are inadequate budgets, reduced care packages and the increase in plus-size patients. Our goal is to reduce the risk for carers and avoid load injuries, which is why we created EvaDrive; a new, innovative lifting aid.


  • Intuitive control panel
  • Sensitive control handle
  • Forceful lithium battery
  • Turnable back wheels

Handicare lift slings and other equipment

In combination with the Handicare lift slings and other equipment, EvaDrive is the optimal choice for lifting and transferring patients as well as for horizontal repositioning and gait training.


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Application areas
  • From Bed To Commode
  • From Bed To Wheelchair
  • From Wheelchair To Toilet
  • Higher Up In Bed
  • Lying To Sitting
  • Positioning In Chair
  • Rising To Sitting Down
  • Standing Training
  • Supine Transfer
  • Support For Gait Training
  • Turning In Bed
  • Up From The Floor
Model specification
Art. no.6090000260900003
Safe working load205 kg270 kg
Base width, outer dimensions685-980 mm750-1150 mm
Base width, inner dimensions585-880 mm650-1050 mm
Total weight58 kg64 kg
Total weight excluding batteries54 kg60 kg
Total weight including batteries58 kg64 kg
Front castors, diameter100 mm100 mm
Rear castors, diameter200 mm203 mm
Lifting speed without load35 mm/s35 mm/s
Driving speed7 km/h
Battery24 V, 17,6 Ah Li-Ion 24 V, 17,6 Ah Li-Ion
Sling bar width450 mm600 mm
Protection classIP X4 IP X4
Unit1 1
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