For toileting - extra support for users with good head and torso stability

HygieneLBSling is a lifting sling that is easy to apply and makes it easier for the caregiver to dress/undress the user in connection with toileting. HygieneLBSling is designed for users with good head and torso stability and adequate muscular tonus.

HygieneLBSling is available in several sizes, all for users weighing max 300 kg/660 lbs.

  • Divided leg supports; easy for the caregiver to apply and remove, the user does not sit on the lifting sling
  • Low back; the user is supported behind the back, up to the armpits, around the upper body and under the legs
  • Upright seated posture
  • For users with good head and torso stability and adequate muscular tonus
  • A belt with fastener gives the user an added sense of safety and security
  • SWL 300 kg/660 lbs

Accessories for individual adaptation

Accessories for individual adaptation of the lifting sling are available. Click “Accessories” hereunder for more information.

Application of lifting slings according to SystemRoMedic™

For more information about SystemRoMedic™ lifting slings and our tools for easier choosing, application, maintenance and security testing, go to the “About lifting slings” section which is available in the left hand side navigation field.

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Application areas
  • From Bed To Commode
  • From Wheelchair To Toilet
  • Positioning In Chair
  • Toileting
Model specification
Art. no.43804002438040034380400443804006438040074380400843804009
Recommended user weight10-30 kg25-45 kg40-60 kg55-80 kg75-100 kg90-130 kg120-170 kg
Sling seat measurement25 cm28 cm30 cm35 cm41 cm46 cm60 cm
Sling overall height92 cm92 cm96 cm102 cm102 cm104 cm104 cm
SWL300 kg300 kg300 kg300 kg300 kg300 kg300 kg
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