Supports children during gait training

WalkingBelt is used to support children with impaired strength and stability during gait training. It is the only assistive device allowing the child to use it’s hands freely to explore the world!

WalkingBelt, which provides support around the torso, is held in place with a padded leg harness. The length of the two padded handles can be adapted to give the caregiver a comfortable working position when walking close to the child holding the handles to provide the child with additional support and stability during gait training.


WalkingBelt is not to be used as an assistive device for lifting.


WalkingBelt has a soft polyester velvet lining that feels pleasant against the skin and makes it very comfortable to wear. The material is also anti-slip treated to stay in position and prevent slipping.


  • Comfortable to wear
  • Provides support and stability for the child (forward, backward and sideways)
  • Adjustable handles
  • Provides an ergonomic working positioning for the caregiver

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Application areas
  • Support For Gait Training
Model specification
Art. no.60416042
SWL50 kg50 kg
Unit1 1
Measurement60 cm70 cm
Recommended user weight0-25 kg20-35 kg
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