EasySlide, 50 x 60 / 50 x 70 / 25 x 60:

For positioning in bed and for sitting transfers, three sizes for active users

EasySlide (50 x 60), (50 x 70) and (25 x 60) are excellent aids for active users when turning in bed or moving users up in bed. They can also be used to facilitate sitting transfers from the bed to the wheelchair.

A remarkably compact device that opens surprising opportunities

EasySlide is a small, practical aid that encourages activation. For the carer, EasySlide decreases the number of assisted positionings and eliminates unnecessary lifting, which spares both back and shoulders. EasySlide is also an outstanding device for helping pregnant women with pelvic and back pain and people with reduced functional abilities to turn in bed independently.


  • Soft, padded outside provides for comfortable and gentle transfers.
  • The outer fabric is available in two types: polyester and microfiber. The polyester is less sensitive to dirt, while the  microfiber is more comfortable when the user is lying on the product for long periods of time.
  • The ULF sliding material reduces the friction under the user.
  • Protective and disposable covers for improved hygiene and less laundry are available as accessories for EasySlide (50 x 60) and (50 x 70).
  • Replaceable protective cover containing carbon fiber reduces static electricity.
  • Available in three sizes. 

Combination of devices provides individually adapted solutions 

To create optimal solutions for users with different needs, EasySlide (50 x 60), (50 x 70) and (25 x 60) can be used in combination with other manual transfer aids. Click "See also" at the bottom of this page for suggestions on combinations and more information.


Other models of EasySlide

EasySlide is available in several models, materials and sizes to suit different transfer situations and user needs.


The classic models of EasySlide are made of microfibre (polyester in item numbers 2010, 2011, 2015) with padding of polyester and ULF (Ultra Low Friction), Handicare's own, unique sliding material. Most sizes of these models can also be fitted with a replaceable protective cover, which is made of polyester and can easily be cleaned. Disposable plastic covers, which are also available as accessories, provide for even better hygiene and less laundry.

EasySlide, disposable - a new, unbelievably versatile sliding mat for short-term use

EasySlide, disposable is thin and pliable and made from an environmentally friendly material with superior glide properties. EasySlide, disposable is supplied on a roll with up to 60 easy-to-use sliding mats. Perforations at 50-cm interval gives the right format, every time. EasySlide, disposable is also available in a practical and hygienic single-pack which is very convenient to always have close at hands. The single-packed sliding mat is available in three different sizes; 80 x 70 cm, 120 x 70 cm, 200 x 70 cm, and is supplied in packages of 140, 100 and 70 pcs respectively.



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Turning in bed Turning in bed Higher up in bed Higher up in bed From bed to wheelchair From bed to wheelchair
Protective cover, EasySlide

Protective cover, for EasySlide

Accessory for EasySlide. Most models and sizes of EasySlide can be fitted with a replaceable protective cover for improved hygiene.

Disposable cover, EasySlide

Disposable cover, for EasySlide

Accessory for EasySlide. Disposable plastic covers for EasySlide provide for improved hygiene and less laundry.

WallRack 1085


WallRack provides for convenient storing of sliding mats and disposable covers for RollerSlide and EasySlide.

Art. no. 2010 2020 2030 2011 2021 2015  
Name EasySlide EasySlide EasySlide EasySlide EasySlide EasySlide
Description 50 x 60, polyester 50 x 60, microfiber 50 x 60, microfiber, complete with Protective cover (2020 + 2051) 50 x 70, polyester 50 x 70, microfiber 25 x 60, polyester
HmiNumber 1197 19922
Unit 1 pce/pcs 1 pce/pcs 1 pce/pcs 1 pce/pcs 1 pce/pcs 1 pce/pcs
Length 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm 250 mm
Width 600 mm 600 mm 600 mm 700 mm 700 mm 600 mm
AntiSlip 8040


AntiSlip is used as support under the feet or between two sliding materials to create friction and prevent sliding.

FootStool 8090


Provides excellent support under the user's feet during seated transfers and toileting or when repositioning further back in a wheelchair.

FlexiMove (mini) 3020

FlexiMove (mini)

Support for sit-to-stand and positioning in bed but also for sitting transfers, often in combination with a sliding board.

EasyBelt, hug 6004


Support for sitting transfers, sit-to-stand, standing and walking. With an anti-slip inside of moisture repellent, PU-coated nylon.

FlexiBelt, hug 6074


Support for sitting transfers, sit-to-stand, standing and walking. With a soft and comfortable innerside of polyester velvet

EasySlide 1030

EasySlide, 190 x 60

For supine transfers to and from beds, x-ray or operating tables, shower trolleys and stretchers, but also for turning in bed or on x-ray or operating tables .

EasySlide 1220

EasySlide, 100 x 70

For positioning in bed, for more active users.

EasySlide 1430

EasySlide, 140 x 90 / 200 x 90

For positioning in bed, two variants for somewhat active/passive users.

EasySlide, disposable 2040

EasySlide, disposable

A personal sliding mat for short-term use, available on a roll.