FlexiMove (mini):

Support for sit-to-stand and positioning in bed but also for sitting transfers

FlexiMove has multiple areas of application. For example as support when helping someone get up from a bed or chair, when moving higher up in bed or when transferring to and from a wheelchair – in that case, often on a sliding board. FlexiMove can also be used for positioning in combination with EasySlide (50 x 60) and WendyLean.

FlexiMove is available in two variants with different inside material. One variant has an inside made of soft and comfortable polyester velvet. The other variant has an inside made of nylon which is moisture repellent and resists soiling. The second variant can easily be cleaned using disinfectant wipes.


  • Available with two different surface materials; soiling resistant and moisture-repellent nylon or soft and comfortable polyester velvet.
  • Both versions provide anti-slip function to prevent the device from sliding against the body.
  • Both short and long handles enable more gripping options.

Combination of devices provides individually adapted solutions 

To create optimal solutions for users with different needs, FlexiMove can be used in combination with other manual transfer aids. Click "See also" at the bottom of this page for suggestions on combinations and more information.

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Higher up in bed Higher up in bed Lying to sitting Lying to sitting From bed to wheelchair From bed to wheelchair Rising to sitting down Rising to sitting down
Art. no. 3012 3020 3030  
Name FlexiMove FlexiMove FlexiMove
Description 20 x 60 cm, nylon inside 20 x 50 cm, polyester velvet inside 20 x 60 cm, polyester velvet inside
HmiNumber 30743 20623 30744
Unit 1 pce/pcs 1 pce/pcs 1 pce/pcs
Length 200 mm 200 mm 200 mm
Width 600 mm 500 mm 600 mm
SWL 150 kg 150 kg 150 kg
EasyGlide 5020

SystemRoMedic™ – EasyGlide

For sitting transfers to and from wheelchairs, beds, toilets, car seats and many other seated positions.

WendyLean 1680


A pillowcase for easy and comfortable moving higher up in bed or into a seated position.

TurnTable 5084


An outstanding, easy-to-use aid for transferring a user between wheelchair and chair, toilet or bed.

AntiSlip 8040


AntiSlip is used as support under the feet or between two sliding materials to create friction and prevent sliding.

EasySlide 2010

EasySlide, 50 x 60 / 50 x 70 / 25 x 60

For turning and positioning in bed and for sitting transfers from bed to wheelchair; three sizes for active users.

QuickMove 400801334


QuickMove supports and activates the user when rising up to a standing position and during transfers, either standing up or sitting down.

FlexiMove 4012


For moving higher up in bed, turning and sideways transfers but also for manual lifting in connection with seated and supine transfers.

SupportStraps 6061


An accessory for extra support and security during standing, gait training and transfers with belts, sit-to-stand aids and transfer platforms.