Lifting accessories for safe, comfortable and individually adapted lifting

Handicare's range includes different kinds of sling bars, side bars, scales and many other clever and practical lifting accessories for safe, comfortable and individually adapted lifting in all of the most common transfer situations.

CalfStrap  70200033


Supports the user's calves, for use with MiniLift200, MiniLift160 and MiniLift125.

SlingBarWrap MiniLift 70200012

SlingBarWrap MiniLift

A soft protection for the bar of MiniLift200 and MiniLift160.

Hand control HB33-6 70200089

Hand control HB33-6

6 buttons, with service, battery status and overload indicators. Accessory for mobile lifts with electrical (EE) base widening.

External charger Linak

Accessory for MiniLift200, MiniLift160, MiniLift125, Carina350, Eva450, Eva600EE and Vega505EE.

Endcover Carina 70200030

Endcover Carina

Accessory for Carina350EM/EE.

ReadyStrap 16010

ReadyStrap, Carina

Locking strap, accessory for Carina350EM/EE.

SlingBar S/M/L 70200001/2/3


A two-point aluminium sling bar available in three variants with different width.

SlingBarSpreader M 70200042

SlingBarSpreader M

To get more room in a lifting sling when using SlingBar two-point sling bar, SlingBarSpreader M side bars can be used as an accessory.

SlingBarWrap 70200009


A soft protection for SlingBar two-point sling bar.

SwiftHook 70200008


With SwiftHook, changing sling bars or connecting a scale becomes very easy.

RoomTransferHook 70200010


A quick release for SlingBar two-point sling bars and ceiling lift units. For easy transfers of users from one room to another.

StretcherBar 70200006


StretcherBar is a sling bar used together with StretcherSling for horizontal lifting with stationary or mobile lifts.

BariBar 70200072


Four-point sling bar with built-in adjustment function. For users weighing up to 454 kg/1000 lbs.

BariBarWrap 80100146


Spare part. A wipeable protection providing secure handling of BariBar four-point sling bar.

SideBar 70200013


An accessory providing more room in a two-point sling bar.

Sling bar RFL X4 70200017

Sling bar RFL X4

A stable four-point steel sling crossbar providing more space in the lifting sling.

RoMedicClips 70200007


Accessory for WendyLett2Way, WendyLett4Way and TurnSheet. For turning of users with a stationary or mobile lift.

Charder MHS2500 70100002


Charder MHS2500 is used together with stationary or mobile lifts for weighing of users.

BariTurn 50400180


A 360° turning trolley for two ceiling lift units - for bariatric users. SWL 500 kg/1100 lbs.

Switch manoeuvring, RiseBasic

For manoeuvring of turntables using the hand control. Accessory for all models of RiseBasic.

In-rail/end point charging

Unique charging solution with one trolley for two charging options. Accessory for RiseBasic and RiseAtlas ceiling lift units.

Software for diagnostics 70200048

Software for diagnostics

Allows a PC to access further information about the ceiling lift unit. Accessory for RiseBasic, RiseAtlas and RisePorto ceiling lift units.

Lift strap extension 70200053

Lift strap extension

Extension straps available in six lengths. Accessory for RiseBasic, RiseAtlas and RisePorto.

50400048 Parking Placard

Parking Placard

An accessory for convenient storing of sling bars, manuals and lifting slings.

Cover to charger 50400066

Cover to charger, RiseAtlas

Accessory for all models and special versions of RiseAtlas.

Quick release trolleys

Accessories for RiseAtlas and RiseBasic ceiling lift units with manual transfer in the rail.

9V battery and cable, RiseAtlas

For emergency lowering. Accessory for RiseAtlas.

IR remote controlling, RiseAtlas

For wireless operation. Accessory for RiseAtlas450M and RiseAtlas625M, with QuickTrolleySystem.

Trolley 360 RisePorto 50200014

Trolley 360 RisePorto

360 degrees turning trolley, accessory for all models of RisePorto.

Room transfer strap, RisePorto

Accessory for RisePorto, for convenient transfers of users from one room to another.

Handle for mounting 50200017

Handle for mounting, RisePorto

Facilitates mounting and dismantling of the lift unit, making it easy to transfer RisePorto unit between different rail systems and rooms.

BackBoardStraps 49482000


For use in combination with the Ferno Scoop Stretcher 065 EXL, to enable mechanical lifting with a manual stretcher in emergency care.