News! ReTurn7500:

A new and refined version of our classic original!

ReTurn7500 is one of the most popular and most widely used assistive devices in the SystemRoMedic™ Support segment. And now, this classic blockbuster is available in a new, refined version featuring a rising ladder with an opening for quick and easy hooking of ReTurnBelt.

- Secure and active sit-to-stand and transfers without heavy lifting
- Versatile and very easy to use
- Patented design, incredibly easy to manoeuvre, even with a heavy user
- Stable and secure base plate with a low step-in height
- New rising ladder (patent pending) offering multiple hand placement options and easy hooking of ReTurnBelt
- Possible to change between standard-height and low ladders to cover a broader range of needs and make best use out of the product
- Many accessories for greater safety and utility

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