Assistive devices for mobility support during sit-to-stand

In this section you will find Handicare's sit-to-stand aids for support when mobilizing users, for example during rising from lying to sitting, sit-to-stand or standing training but also for transfers of users between two units, for example from bed to wheelchair and from wheelchair to toilet and for manual supine and/or sitting positioning. Each productpage includes information about what transfer situations the device in question is suited for.

FlexiGrip 6090


A very convenient solution for users who have physical difficulties getting out of bed.

Extension strap, FlexiGrip

An accessory for extending the length of FlexiGrip.

ReadyGrip 16090


An easy-to-use assistive device that facilitates rising from a recumbent to a seated position.

FlexiMove (mini) 3020

FlexiMove (mini)

Support for sit-to-stand and positioning in bed but also for sitting transfers, often in combination with a sliding board.

SupportStraps 6061


An accessory for extra support and security during standing, gait training and transfers with belts, sit-to-stand aids and transfer platforms.

ReadyMove 13010


A small, convenient and very easy-to-use sit-to-stand aid with many application areas.

ReTurn7500 7500i


The original! An easy-to-use and incredibly effective assistive device for sit-to-stand and transfer. For adult users weighing up to 150 kg/330 lbs.

ReTurn7400 7400


An easy-to-use and incredibly effective assistive device for sit-to-stand and transfer. For shorter adults and children weighing max. 150 kg/330 lbs.

ReTurn7600 7600


An easy-to-use and incredibly effective assistive device for sit-to-stand and transfer. For larger and heavier users weighing up to 205 kg/450 lbs.

ReTurnBelt 6034


An excellent complement to ReTurn. For users with weak legs and requiring extra support.

Padding for leg support 7215

Padding for leg support

Accessory for ReTurn7600, ReTurn7400 and TurnSafe.

Rising ladder 7501

Rising ladder, ReTurn

Exchangeable rising ladders for ReTurn7500 and ReTurn7400 provide solutions for different users and maximum usability.

HeelStrap 7250


An accessory that is used to support the user's heels during sit-to-stand and transfer with ReTurn7500i and ReTurn7400.

Bag 0954

Bag, ReTurn

A practical bag for transport and storage of ReTurn7500i or ReTurn7400.

PantLock 8055


A clever aid for easier visits to the toilet. Keeps the user's pants in place.

QuickMove 400801334


QuickMove supports and activates the user when rising up to a standing position and during transfers, either standing up or sitting down.

BackSupport 70200037


BackSupport is an accessory providing extra stability and security for users during transfers with QuickMove.