Sliding mats for manual transfers and positioning

In this section you will find Handicare's sliding mats for manual supine and/or sitting transfers of users between two units, for example from bed to bed, from bed to wheelchair and from wheelchair to toilet, but also for manual supine and/or sitting positioning of users within the same unit, for example turning in bed, higher up in bed and positioning in wheelchair. Each productpage includes information about what transfer situations the device in question is suited for.

MoveMaster 2090


For sitting transfers to and from bed, wheelchair, toilet and commode and for positioning in bed.

EasySlide 1030

EasySlide, 190 x 60

For supine transfers to and from beds, x-ray or operating tables, shower trolleys and stretchers, but also for turning in bed or on x-ray or operating tables .

ReadySlide 11250


For supine transfers, seated positioning and application of lifting slings in a seated position.

OneWaySlide 2075


For positioning in a chair or a wheelchair.

AutoSlide 8100


Makes it easier to get into cars and into a comfortable position.

EasySlide 1220

EasySlide, 100 x 70

For positioning in bed, for more active users.

EasySlide 1430

EasySlide, 140 x 90 / 200 x 90

For positioning in bed, two variants for somewhat active/passive users.

EasySlide 2010

EasySlide, 50 x 60 / 50 x 70 / 25 x 60

For turning and positioning in bed and for sitting transfers from bed to wheelchair; three sizes for active users.

Protective cover, EasySlide

Protective cover, EasySlide

Accessory for EasySlide. Most models and sizes of EasySlide can be fitted with a replaceable protective cover for improved hygiene.

Disposable cover, EasySlide

Disposable cover, EasySlide

Accessory for EasySlide. Disposable plastic covers for EasySlide provide for improved hygiene and less laundry.

Locking strap, EasySlide 1599

Locking strap, EasySlide

Accessory/spare part for EasySlide sliding mats with fastening straps; EasySlide 1420, 1430, 1470, 1480.

WallRack 1085


WallRack provides for convenient storing of sliding mats and disposable covers for RollerSlide and EasySlide.

EasySlide, disposable 2040

EasySlide, disposable

A personal sliding mat for short-term use, available on a roll.

ReadySheet 11440


For application of lifting slings and for turning and positioning in bed.