The original.... and still the most popular in bed management system, the best quality and easy to use WendyLett system.

Wendylett has been the original inbed management system used in community settings for years. Part of its appeal is a simple to use, easy glide, quality material that facilitates turning in bed with ease.


Intended for users who have difficulties turning in bed. The smooth and silky central part, enables turning with minimal effort. Sliding sideways is made easy without risk of sliding off the bed by the anti-slip material at both sides of the sheet. The material also prevents the user from sliding down in bed.

WendyLett sliding sheet covers the bed like a normal sheet, with the smooth surface in the middle of the bed. For users who need more assistance, WendyLett can be combined with WendyLett2Way drawsheet or WendyLett4Way sliding drawsheet.

The WendyLett family consists of three different WendyLett sheetsWendylett

  • WendyLett is a satin sliding sheet and a base sheet to be combined with
  • WendyLett2Way, a drawsheet for sliding sideways or
  • WendyLett4Way, a sliding drawsheet for multi-directional sliding

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